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DBDOC Users Say...

Well thanks again. We would be LOST without DBDOC and your service is absolutely the best!

Amanda King
Albemarle, FCC Plant
Pasadena, TX

I am blown away by your tech support...I've dealt with many companies' tech departments and I can tell you sir that your tech support is top shelf, AAA! I have never been exposed to such a fast response as yours. And then to have someone email the fix in such a short time is unheard of in the PC world today as I know it. So whatever you are doing, you're doing it right. We, the Techs, love your program, I just wish we could have the time to really understand and fully use the power of it. Hats off to GMCL.

Phil Murray
Ameren UE, Meredosia Power Station
Meredosia, IL

First, I would like to take this time to thank you for your continued support of our needs. Rarely do you find a company and/or individual that takes their product and work ethic to the level you display time and time again.

Daren Bailey
DTE Energy
Detroit, MI

We really like the system [DBDOC]. Our DCS system has never been so clean before. It really helps when configuration changes are necessary, especially when you get rid of obsolete stuff.

Serge Simon
Dupont (LUX) - Typar
Contern-Hesperange, Luxembourg

The data watch window is great!!! An engineer's dream!!!

Nick Charnley
Energy Australia - Yallourn PTY Ltd
Yallourn, VIC, Australia

Whoa!!!! I love it! The trending function is excellent, also being able to export it to a spreadsheet is a great plus! We figured it would be a big leap. Once we started playing with real data, we could see that we needed to go a lot further. Thanks. We had to fault find a process issue today and it works a treat! Very handy tool, I don't think I'll live without one now :)

Charlton Fuentes
Queensland Alumina Limited
Gladstone, QLD, Australia

The control groups at QAL would like to thank you and your team for the "unbelievable" service and customer support you guys provide. I'm not sure whether your team gets much feedback, but I would like to say thank you again for your impeccable support and product development. There are not many products, hardware or software that we would rave about, but yours is one of them.

Geoff Morissy
Queensland Alumina Limited
Gladstone, QLD, Australia

I know I've said it before but I can't help repeating myself. The trending you have built in DBDOC is good stuff... We used to use a 3rd party tuning package just for the trending capabilities. However since the DBDOC trending came along we haven't used it either. To summarize, you have filled our needs for diagnostic trending and we want for nothing more. It's all good, a job you can hang your hat on and be proud.

Shane Thurston
Queensland Alumina Limited
Gladstone, QLD, Australia

We are continuing to utilize your DBDOC program and are taking it to another level at our plant. We recently were running slope on some probes in our main turbine and needed to take readings in the control room at the same time. With a wireless notebook sitting beside the tech adjusting the probe, he could take voltage readings and control room readings without assistance. We had one wireless access point set up on our turbine deck and they could take the notebook from one end of the turbine to the other and monitor as they calibrated, ensuring accuracy throughout the loop.

Terry Smitherman
NRG, Limestone Generating Station
Jewett, TX

DBDOC is by far the most used utility program that we have at our plant. With it, technicians with limited Bailey knowledge are able to troubleshoot problems and resolve field issues. Since installing the CIU and running from our LAN it has become a very useful tool. Technicians can troubleshoot from anywhere on the LAN and not have to go to a Bailey EWS, saving time and money. Other personnel have been able to monitor operator graphics for information about how the plant is running. Also, it is a very helpful tool for locating tag names. The build function has enabled us to work through several cleanup problems in our Bailey project... your whole company has been very responsive to all of our questions, concerns and ideas for future updates. Keep up the great work.

Terry Smitherman
NRG, Limestone Generating Station
Jewett, TX

As someone who works with a number of different customers and sites, DBDOC makes it significantly easier to locate trouble spots in their system. We have also used it with great success in helping to upgrade systems. When replacing old AMM/ASM Modules with either IMASIx3 or S800 I/O & we need to track where signals are used and also what console tags need to be updated. Only DBDOC allows me to track and locate all of this information in just one or two clicks of the mouse.

Rob Murphy
Measurement and Control Products
Williamsburg, VA

Thank you again for the training and the time you spent with us and with me. I really appreciated it. I would like to say that this turn-out was more than I expected and a testament to the value placed on DBDOC by the users on this site.

Rob Murphy
Measurement and Control Products
Williamsburg, VA

I want to make some positive comments about DBDOC. It has been a very useful tool for us for years. We have the shortcut installed on several PCs throughout our company. It is a tool I use from home when called on a situation where I need to look at logic to determine why something is not controlling as it should. It provides fast access to logic as you can go directly to the piece of equipment and then directly to the logic. It is a product that if I was in sales I would love to sell on the open market. The ability to add users without adding licenses and fees is a great benefit. We have departments that do not work in the control room but are responsible for daily readings. They use DBDOC for their daily readings.

Jay Taul
Big Rivers, Coleman Station
Hawesville, KY

Introduced to DBDOC in 2001 by it's inventor Geoff Michaels, at a time I needed it most. I was charged with maintaining a large Infi90 system with Conductor VMS (OIS / OIC43) consoles, but ONLY had access to HARD COPIES of Wintools CAD sheets. DBDOC allowed me to quickly and easily troubleshoot & resolve control system issues, even better than what I could have WITH access to the Wintools project - IF I had it. I've never been anywhere with an Infi90 / Symphony system, without DBDOC ever since!

Tony Porter
Cardno BEC
Perth, WA, Australia

I have just finished looking at all the new links available from the AutoCAD files. I am very pleased to say the least. It picked up more than I gave it credit for. Surpassing my expectations is a great achievement. We can now get better cross referencing throughout our entire document set.

Andrew McKeown
Oji Fibre Solutions - Tasman Mill
Kawerau, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

DBDOC is now running fine and the maintenance guys and the automation engineers find the DBDOC to be a great tool, especially the trend function which is superb!

Hans Petter Gjerde
Statoil Norway - Mongstad Refining
Linds, Norway

First of all, I want to say thank you for providing the best service and support ever. DBDOC is an awesome product and your dedication to continuous improvement never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.

Amanda King
Albemarle, FCC Plant
Pasadena, TX

Your service is second to none, and I have to admire your passion and dedication for your work.

Gordon Pond
Contact Energy, Te Rapa Station
Te Rapa, Hamilton, New Zealand

We are very happy with DBDOC. We are not sure how we lived without it. We have found and corrected numerous issues in our Bailey system that have plagued us for years.

David Bench
Domtar Inc. - Espanola mill
Espanola, ON, Canada

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